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WellSmiles is a program of Dent-Well focuses exclusively on our corporate health and wellness partners.  Each dental program comes with an established and successful customized dental suite for large corporate institutions either on their campus or nearby. Through our partnerships and collaborations, we can identify employers who would most benefit from a WellSmiles onsite or near-site office. We create a program that works for the workforce, connecting employees to Dent-Well dentists through incentives and state-of-the-art care delivery methods.


WellSmiles is part of our breakthrough Dental ACO (Accountable Care Organization) - an innovative business model  with various pricing models all designed to deliver greater value to patients, providers, and payers. Our unique approach focuses on the patient by providing strategic attention, coordinated care delivery, and rewarding patient behaviors that contribute to greater wellness. This allows WellSmiles' expert dentists to concentrate on what they do best: treating patients.

Successfully implementing a process that continuously improves efficiency and quality is the key to maintaining a world-class level of service excellence. WellSmiles has achieved this goal through its adoption of partner company cultures while layering it's own.  As a result, we have been able to bring the right expertise, tools, and resources together to design a custom platform for each client – which maximizes the patient experience from the very first appointment until treatment completion and beyond.

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